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Carramel Macciato

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Carramel Macciato

Post by IcedMacciato on Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:58 pm

Name: Carra

Age: 46

Race: Charr

Class: Guardian

Bio: Carra is a Gladium and a blade for hire. In her spare time, she travels Tyria looking for Charr to liberate from bad situations. She is very motherly and has much insight on lots of subjects. As a guardian she is very protective of her travel mates. One of her major flaws is that she seeks revenge on those who have wronged her or her kin; she is not a Charr to mess with. She will go to great lengths to get back at those who wronged her despite her mostly kind nature. Being an intelligent Charr, she would rather win over her enemies with her charm before turning on them and killing them with literal torture. She likes to toy with her prey. She has raised many Charr but only one of her own blood. She has a strained relationship with her Biological daughter.


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