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Coffee En Cream

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Coffee En Cream

Post by IcedMacciato on Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:45 pm

Name: Coffee (Kohfida)

Age: Approximately 19

Race: Charr

Class: Chronomancer

Family: She has a sister Rooibosa, and an older brother Major (Major Cuddlesworth)


Past: Coffee was born a twin; in appearance she was almost identical to her sister. You could tell the two apart if you looked them in the eye; Coffee had the purple eyes of a mesmer. Born and raised in the typical charr way, Coffee was trained at a young age in a warband with her sister. She was treated very poorly by most charr in her warband, and the worst by her sister. Mesmers have always been looked down upon in Charr society as they value warriors of strength. Being part of blood legion was difficult. She was sent into missions that got many of her band mates killed and their numbers dwindled until there were few left. Her sister often blamed Coffee for the deaths of her band mates. After being mocked and tormented by her sister for so long she eventually snapped and took her life. after this event she fled Ashford and was drawn to the Chaos Crystal Cavern where she spent an unknown amount of time while the Chaos energy fluxed and warped her mind. She was later discovered and taken in by Leoric Lostbane.

Coffee was Generally a good soul when she started out in life. Being mistreated and told she was worthless day after day made her dislike other charr even though she had no choice but to stand by and take the harassment. Due to her memory loss, she often forgets being treated badly and trys to see the good in each person she meets. She prefers solitude and often talks to her clones as if they were other people. Why need company when you have yourself?

Magic: Being a Chronomancer, she can wield time magic though it comes with a price; Using too much magic can bring about memory loss. Normal combat does not affect her memory. Coffee is very skilled with a sword and shield, she is very defensive in combat. As a summoner she can manage clones if she kills regularly. Her time magic does return to her over time and the longer an amount of time has passed, the more she remembers. When she kills she occupies the time that person would have lived and from there she can manipulate it to move forward and back as well as stand still.

Present: Coffee Is traveling with Leoric Lostbane who became her mate. On good days she remembers him and everything that happened between them and tends to be rather affectionate, However, on bad days she can barely recall names, including her own. when she cant remember she is standoffish with the people around her and speaks very little.


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