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King Leoric

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King Leoric

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:47 pm

Name: Leoric Lostbane

Age: Died at age 24

Race: Human

Class: Revenant (Instead of invoking the power of Glint, it's Zhaitan.)

    The rule of King Leoric Lostbane is remembered as a time of great tragedy, fear, and madness. In life, he was a tyrannical ruler, ordering his guards to behead and murder countless innocents in the name of Grenth. Throughout the short ages of his rule, The pact that he made for power eventually drove him into madness as the people of Kryta revolted, killing him on sight for the people he affected to see.  In his death he traveled throughout the mists for hundreds of years looking for Grenth and his 'deal'. Little did he know that there was no pact or deal at all, he was just a delusional king going insane and paranoid about losing his grip in rule and the 'power' he proclaimed he was destined to obtain were mere illusions. He killed his people for no reason at all.

He sought out refuge in the Mists, where there he gained his abilities as a revenant. During his death, Zhaitan whispered to him and promised him false hopes of great power, only if he escapes and finds a way back to the mortal world. Finding a tear in the Mists, he did just that. Now he is back in Tyria to seek out his revenge of his death and take back what his. Even though he does have great unholy power, he can get weakened exponentially. Zhaitan's promise was a double edged sword. True, he has otherworldly power but the dragon, in return, feeds on Leoric to try to live through him, considering he is not Zhaitan's eyes and stomach. He needs to feed on the energy of people's lives, or he will eventually starve and weaken. He can have powerful attacks, but it will cost him energy he so strictly needs. He only fights when he absolutely has to because kidnapping people to slowly consume their energy can be a risky thing to do, so most of the time Zhaitan feeds on himself directly. However, don't be surprised if you see a person or a pet on his hip to feed off of. Usually pets, they are easier to get away with.

Even though he is a delusional cold-hearted tyrant, he is very charismatic and manipulating. He is essentially a ladies man, with his good looks and alluring demeanor that is almost an enigma. Usually conniving, he will tell you anything and give you everything to get what he wants in the end. That's not to say his mortal soul can harbor feelings, but that rare occurrence is more than likely to never happen.

Even though he is a villian, he is not outright about it. His core desire is to control and rule like he did so many ages ago, no matter how tyrannical and cruel he is. However, ironically he treats his guests with a disturbing grace. Only the best linens and wines and food trays would be used for his guests. He saw- and sees- himself as a outstanding ruler and humble king, 'recalling' the past where he saved the Krytan people, even though history spoke a different story.. If you gain his favor in his endeavors to be put back up on the Krytan throne, you may have a powerful ally. Or a enemy.

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