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Trahearne The Wicked

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Trahearne The Wicked

Post by Sassy on Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:49 am

In a place called The Grove, there is a race, a race that is spread to Caledon. A plant race, who were born only 20 years ago by a magical sentient named, The Pale Tree, who came from a seed planted by a Centaur named Ventari and his human companion, Ronan. They are a peaceful race, who love nature as their motto is `All things have the right to grow' and `Less violence, more violets''. Humans, Charrs, Asurans and others, see them as no threats and go about their ways. But in truth, Sylvari's were the minions of the dragon, Mordremoth. And as the Pale Tree grew, one of her seeds sprouted, and came forth the first Sylvari, a Sylvari of pure evil and darkness, a Sylvari who went by the name... Trahearne The Wicked. He had a dream, a dream that all Sylvari's indure when they are born, a dream to lore people into Orr and become the minion's of Zhaitan, the undead dragon. He read all about Orr, gaining thoughts and plans to start his wicked ways, and his evil rage began, when the Hero of Shaemore, a human name Benny Rulz, came upon Claw Island, to tell Commander Talon about an expecting attack from the Risen. Seeing is evil dream finally coming true, Trahearne friended Rulz, by immediately believing him about the upcoming attack. Talon did not believe the attack would come, which pleased Trahearne as Talon's incompetence would kill soldiers for Zhaitan. When the attack did finally came, the Risen burst through Lions Arch, killed many and Talon. But this wasn't enough. He wanted to see people suffer, and his only way to do suffering...was death. Rulz had come to Lions Arch with 3 of his friends he had made during his training for fighting Zhaitan. Forgal Kennson of Virgil, who thought of Rulz as a son he never had, Sieran, a fellow Sylvari, who loved being in the Durmond Priory and liked having Rulz around, and dear sweet Tybalt Leftpaw of Order of Whispers, who, becouse of Rulz, starting working on the field instead just in Whisper HQ, a Charr who loved apples. As the Lionguard where no match for the Risen and needed to retreat, Trahearn's bloodthirst began, as he plotted and succeded, in killing the three friends of Benny Rulz, as Trahearne shouted the retreat, making the three stay behind to let Rulz and others escape through a ship. That day, his Wicked began and it would last and days and months went by. Still pretending he was a friend, he made more people trust him, and when Rulz recaptured Claw Island, Trahearne stood on the second floor of the building, looking down at the dead soldiers, with a grin on his face. The months were horrible. Everyone he crossed paths were killed. Tactician Syska, who was killed and disguised by Labwan The Deceiver. Agent Zott, who helped Rulz on Claw Island, and gain to destroy Risen Ships, only to be pierced by an arrow. Cpl. Sam Beirne, who tried to help his love Deborah, only to be killed by a Wraith. Havroun Grechen, killed defending Rulz and Trahearne. Apatia, killed by Krait, turned into Risen. The list went on and on. Trahearne's bloodthirst was overwhelming. None was safe when he was around, acting nice though he was cruel, evil, and wicked. Even when he ``helped' Orr by cleansing one area, Orr itself was still the same, lies upon lies from Trahearne. To finally reach his goal of bloodthirst, he wrecked Destiny's Edge's ship as they traveled to the Heart of Thorns to stop Modremoth, and became helping the dragon by giving him power by going in the center of Mordremoth's domain. But his goal, to his surprised, was stopped, as Rulz killed the dragon. Seeing his tme has ended, he made one last lie, by pretending the dragon captured him and using him. As Rulz ran him through with his sword as Trahearne asked, Trahearne died with a grin on his face, as though he lost, he made people suffer, his wicked and bloodthirst ways made stains on people' minds. Trahearne, who to all people, was a friend to them, never pieced together, as Trahearne was truly.....wicked.

Trahearne's Kill List:
1. Tybalt - Killed by Risen, letting others escape
2. Forgall Kennson - Killed by Risen, letting others to escape.
3. Sieran - Killed by Risen, letting others to escape.
4. Agent Zott - Shot in the back by an arrow by the Risen, Rukbat Rami.
5. Col. Sam Beirne - Killed defending Deborah from Archmage Harshaf
6. Tegwen - Sacrificed heself so tanks could properly fire Ghostfire.
7. Demolition Tom - Killed when attacking Risen to let others escape when the ship blew up
8. Havroun Grechen - Killed by Risen and turned into one.
9. Tactician Syska - Killed and identity took over by Labwan The Deceiver
10. Deputy Brakk - Killed during Battle of Claw Island
11. Watch Commander Talon - Killed during Battle of Claw Island
12. Apatia - Captured and killed by Krait. Later turned into Risen
13. Lionheard - Countless killed in Battle of Claw Island


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