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The Cat of Approval

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The Cat of Approval

Post by Sassy on Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:13 pm

Name: CoA

Age: ????

Race: Charr

Class: Thief

Shrouded in mystery, she has at one point have been a member of the Order of the Whispers, but quit as she wanted to steal instead, instead of sharing it within the Order, and the bribes were to much to pass up. From the shadows, she stole many valuables and documents, no one noticing she was ever there, until one day, her ego caught up and let her guard down. Robbing another mansion, she was caught behind by its owner and slit her throat. She managed to kill the owner and jump out the window and crawled into an alley, but the damage was done. She survived, but now she could not speak. The only way she communicate now is hand gestures and body movements. Thought she cannot speak, her partner, the Cat of Wisdom can understand her when CoA does `speak'.


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